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You are welcome to submit events to be considered for inclusion. We include a variety of events which should appeal to many.
As a guide:
Medium to large scale public events, such as carnivals, parades, fireworks, street theatre and festivals etc. Attendance should be free, or modestly priced.
Smaller non-commercial events and exhibitions will be considered on their merit, especially if they support the arts or worthy causes.
Normally excluded would be commercial events whose main purpose is to promote company brand names. Political, activist or illegal gatherings will not be listed.

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The website lists hundreds of events in the UK. Many make ideal family days out and holiday ideas, whilst others are more adventurous, colorful, exciting, and even eccentric or quirky. We include carnivals and parades, firework displays, music festivals, county agricultural shows, pet shows, village fates, sporting events, air shows, boat shows and many charity events. You will find event descriptions, dates, times and locations, and links to further information - blue for external information, red for internal pages with event descriptions and photographs. The main page lists brief descriptions of events in date order for the year ahead. If you would like your event considered for inclusion, please see the contacts page.